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PhD student, Lowine, shares her underwater photography captured during her travels to Cambodia, Guadeloupe, and the Philippines.

Lowine is a PhD student, working on socio-ecological sustainability issues in small islands. She took part in the Radicle, not as a first step toward world domination but to give students a voice beyond the “publish or perish” narrative. She’s particularly interested in photography and hope that other students will use this platform to set their creative mind free.  

Lowine took the time to share some interesting facts about the subjects of her photography.

“Nudibranches are sea slugs. They are really small, difficult to spot, and live at various depths. They come in a variety of forms and colours as well. Some are potentially toxic (But, I love them!).

Flower urchins tend to stick debris on them for camouflage. They are really pretty close up – but, don’t get too close, as they are super venomous!

Despite popular belief, whale sharks are not sharks at all, but fish. They are the biggest living fish and they are filter-feeders”.

Follow Lowine on Instagram to see more of her photography and worldly adventures.

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