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By: Krista Birtles

I am in my fifth year of the Environment, Resources and Sustainability program and have had the fortunate experience to take three field courses throughout my degree. I strongly encourage students to make the most of every spring term they have here at the University of Waterloo – whether they be off, on coop, or on a study term.

Some of the courses to look out for in the Spring 2020 term include: ERS 283 – Ontario Natural History, ERS 340 – Ecosystem Assessment, ERS 341 – Professional Conservation and Restoration Practise I, ERS 342 – Professional Conservation and Restoration Practise II, and ERS 382 – Ecological Monitoring.

These courses can be taken in any order and are open to all Environment Students!

Some of the benefits include: hands-on experience, receiving credible certifications, short time commitments, housing and transportation may be included, networking opportunities through professional workplace visits, the opportunity to interact with your classmates, and most field courses are worth more than 0.5 credits.

Spring 2020 course selection is from Monday, January 27th to Thursday, February 6th and I hope that more students will take these courses!


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