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HOTECS: Introducing ‘Humans of the Environment Coffee Shop’

Volunteer: Joanna – 1B Planning 


“I basically live here. I study here, sometimes I’m in the ESS Office. I’m definitely here more than at my residence. It’s really peaceful, it’s like a community. I love it here.” 

Favourite Coffee Shop Snack: Plain pretzel 

Volunteer: Emily – 1B Environment and Business

“My favourite part of the coffeeshop is the welcoming atmosphere. I’ve met a lot of interesting people here – some people like their coffee black, some like it with half a cup of sugar.”

Favourite Coffee Shop Drink: Hot chocolate

Volunteer: Arden – 1B Environment, Resources and Sustainability 

“It’s my second term as a volunteer and my experience here has been really positive. I meet a lot of people, a lot of friendly faces. I’ve had people come up and tell me about their day. Sometimes it’s silly things, or even dramatic things.”

Michelle Angkasa: “Yeah, you know when you ask someone “How was your day?” you expect them to just say, “Oh it was good”? Sometimes people are actually honest and say it was bad.”

Definitely. One day I had someone come in and tell me that their dog just died. Like, how do you respond to that? But I’ve had all nice interactions, I guess people tell me stuff because I’m an open person. It’s a really safe environment.” 

Favourite Coffee Shop Snack: Strawberry danishes


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