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Missing Campus? Michelle’s Top 3 Underrated Green Spaces at UW

By: Michelle Angkasa

We’re truly living in unprecedented times now, as we embark on another completely online term. Maybe between the hectic co-op grind or refreshing Learn for the 20th time, you’re looking out your window and daydreaming about some crisp morning last year when you were strolling around on a busy September day. 

If you’re around Kitchener-Waterloo this term, you might have ventured out onto campus, just to see what it feels like. I’m living here this year, and it’s been really weird to walk around and think back to a time, six months ago, when I was rushing around to classes, hanging out in the Environment coffeeshop, and staying up to unholy hours binging Fresh Prince with my friends. 

It’s quiet on campus nowadays. While you might see the occasional group of students heading to their in-person lecture, you could wander around without bumping into anyone. The leaves are beginning to turn orange and a chilly nip is sneaking into the air: a reminder that, despite everything, fall is coming. 

If you’re in the area, it’s the perfect time to take an afternoon walk, and maybe check out some of my favourite underrated spots on campus. Enjoy these last dying days of summer, and hopefully, we’ll all be together soon

1. The Japanese garden behind the Lusi Wong library (Renison)

Perfect for:

  • Enjoying a sunny morning
  • A meditation session to ease your crippling eco-anxiety

2. Laurel Creek (across the street from EV2) 

Perfect for:

  • Reading an environmental book (eg. Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer)
  • Trying to pet a goose

3. Columbia Lake (beside CIF)

Perfect for:

  • Sunset picnics
  • Taking your friends on walks and impressing them by identifying native plants

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