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ENBUS Memes (for corporate socially responsible teens)

For the Environment and Business program, @enbusmemes on Instagram is an integral part of the student experience.

There are certain things that all ENBUS students can agree on: MoWood and Jen Lynes are the best profs (no question); ECON 101 didn’t happen; in moments of doubt, greenwashing is always the answer; and of course, we can always trust ENBUS memes to roast the other Environment programs.

After weeks of clamouring for their attention through increasingly desperate DMs, I managed to score some coveted time with our favourite resident meme lords. I asked them about the humble origins of ENBUS memes, how it’s grown since they first started, and their favourite parts of being in ENBUS.


Michelle: Please introduce yourselves!

MW/H: Enbusmemes had its humble beginnings in October 2018. Two bright young men decided to inspire joy and make people laugh. We have to remain anonymous for legal reasons, we just wanted to make jokes about our program in a light-hearted manner. Soon enough we gained clout and turned evil and now it’s ENBUSmemes vs the world. 

Follow our account for funny memes and be a part of our wholesome community. 


Michelle: What is the origin story of ENBUS memes? How did you guys meet and decide to start this account?

MW: It all started from the confusion on what the hell international development actually was. It became clear that memes were a good medium for expressing how we felt about certain courses. It ended up getting a lot of laughs and we kept at it. 

H: Well, I met my partner in crime at our residence and turned out we were not only in the same program, but also on the same floor. In October, we decided to make a meme account to make fun of all the things we found stupid in lectures. Soon enough things started to grow and it’s been great since then. We have used our blood, sweat, and tears to make these memes. Just remember that before you scroll past without liking our posts.


Michelle: How has the page grown since you started it? What was your favourite moment of being admins?

MW/H: The page has grown massively with our debut diss track against a certain KI sorority girl. We started off with 20 followers, our close friends. Then we started to grow and our friends in other faculties started following us. Then other kids in other programs that we barely even knew started to follow us. Now we want to take over the university in terms of follower count. (We will block all planners when we hit 1K.)

I think our favourite moment of being admins would definitely be when our professor liked one of our memes. It truly felt like we made it in the world you know? We still wonder to this day how she got access to that meme and our Insta account but she was cool about it. 


Michelle: Who are your coolest followers?

MW/H: We think our coolest followers are definitely Haider and Bennett. Something about those guys just screams cool. We hope to collaborate with them in the future. 


Michelle: In 10 words or less, please describe what KI is without saying “breadth” or “depth”.

MW/H: Business Cards.


Michelle: What is the most underrated program in Environment?

MW/H: The most underrated in the Faculty of Environment is planning. Haha we got you it’s actually ENBUS. ENBUS SUPREMACY. (MoWood did nothing wrong.)


Michelle: Which program would you choose to eliminate if you had to choose?

MW/H: If you had to ask you’re not a true fan. You should know this by now. We have deep seething hate for this one program for literally existing. No exceptions. Zilch.


Michelle: What’s your favourite part of being an ENBUS student?

H: Having the ability to change the world in a positive and constructive way. It brings me hope for the future and our environmental, social, and sustainable climate. 

MW: Knowing I’m way better than any other student in the other programs. 


Michelle: What’s one piece of life advice you want to share with readers?

MW: Don’t take things so seriously. University is for learning, but don’t forget to have fun along the way. Slow things down and don’t forget to chuckle. 

H: If you decide to attack us in any way shape or form, we will write a diss track about you and make sure you cry the amount of an Olympic size swimming pool.


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