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A Cataclysmic Performance of Breaking White

A poem about melting glaciers

By: Bibiana Egbunike

Source: Unsplash

A mass of scintillating white is crumbling into the sea

trapped tightly in the clutches of heat with nowhere to flee

  its arms once stretched high in the mountains and over the land

 the increased temperature, it cannot withstand

First a drop, a trickle, then a wave

our mighty glaciers, we refuse to save

rising sea levels as oceans embrace the ground

a whispered warning, “the coasts shall be drowned”

The glaciers are melting! Our worst fears

to see it ever massive, transparent tears

Greenland, Antarctica, all our great mountains

or perhaps in the near future, our ever-flowing fountains

to err is human, oh but a grave one we have made

the price of nature, too vast to be paid

Oh polar bears, arctic foxes, walruses and seals

what deep incertitude, you certainly must feel

The great lakes at least, a worthy souvenir

If our ice sheets, in time, should ever disappear

Like the last ray of light before darkness claims the night

through slips and slides, it resists with all its might

but piece by piece it falls apart, a chilling sight

a cataclysmic performance of breaking white.


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