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Sustainability on a Student Budget

By: Meadow Funkenhauser For many students, especially those in the Faculty of Environment, sustainability is a prominent goal. However, this does not make it one that is easily achieved. Balancing schoolwork, part-time jobs, co-op applications, and budgeting leaves little room for much else. This poses difficulties for students looking to shift to living more sustainablyContinue reading “Sustainability on a Student Budget”

Healing Colonial Wounds Through Food Sovereignty: “Gather”

By: Nicole Pham-Quan The food on your plate means more than its nutritional value or its ingredients: for Native Americans, food is one of many pathways for self-determination and healing of colonial wounds. Through the stories of Indigenous activists from different nations in the United States, the documentary Gather explores the colonial destruction of nativeContinue reading “Healing Colonial Wounds Through Food Sovereignty: “Gather””