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October 2020 – Pandemic Edition

Spring Term’s Online Instruction had its ‘Ups and Downs’, But We’re Looking Forward

By: Andrew Rutland This past August, the University of Waterloo released the results of a survey they conducted to check the pulse of its student body after a tumultuous term of online learning. The Spring 2020 semester was the university’s first remote academic term supported entirely by online instruction and according to the survey, 60%Continue reading “Spring Term’s Online Instruction had its ‘Ups and Downs’, But We’re Looking Forward”


Photos: Shoe Strike for Climate Justice

By: Andrew Rutland, Michelle Angkasa Around this time last year, many of us were still riding the excitement from Kitchener-Waterloo’s electrifying turnout to the climate strike in Waterloo Public Square. An estimated 4,500 people filled the concrete plaza and overflowed to the surrounding streets and the parking garage across the street. Many of us arrivedContinue reading “Photos: Shoe Strike for Climate Justice”

We Can’t Go Back to the Status Quo

By: Michelle Angkasa The thing I’ve been struck by time and again during this pandemic is seeing the brokenness of our system thrown into stark relief. Our current status quo was simply not designed to last: an inherently destructive “business as usual” protocol that only led to worsening socio-economic inequality, human suffering, and environmental degradation.Continue reading “We Can’t Go Back to the Status Quo”

The Most Valuable Currency: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, WALL-E and The Age of Stupid

The common theme of the three films Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, WALL-E, and The Age of Stupid is that the human race is fighting a losing battle against time, the most valuable currency that no one knows how to spend. These films all criticize humanity for its irresponsible conduct in reshaping theContinue reading “The Most Valuable Currency: Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, WALL-E and The Age of Stupid”

Sinking into Blursday

By: Virginia Li You never truly appreciate what you have until it’s gone. In this case, it’s the freedom to go out: who knew how much they’d long to grab a maskless brunch with friends or even go grocery shopping without needing to rabidly disinfect everything? In the first week of March, COVID-19 sent theContinue reading “Sinking into Blursday”

The Environment Community in Quarantine: Co-op Edition

By: Michelle Angkasa The UW Radicle is highlighting stories and experiences of the Environment Community during the pandemic.  This month, as part of this series, we’re featuring Ben Muller, a 3B GEM student who was on co-op this Spring term with the Faculty of Environment.  My title was “Online Learning Experience Coordinator” for the FacultyContinue reading “The Environment Community in Quarantine: Co-op Edition”

Missing Campus? Michelle’s Top 3 Underrated Green Spaces at UW

By: Michelle Angkasa We’re truly living in unprecedented times now, as we embark on another completely online term. Maybe between the hectic co-op grind or refreshing Learn for the 20th time, you’re looking out your window and daydreaming about some crisp morning last year when you were strolling around on a busy September day.  IfContinue reading “Missing Campus? Michelle’s Top 3 Underrated Green Spaces at UW”

“Humans are the virus”: Pandemic Eco-Fascism

By: Michelle Angkasa If you were on social media around March, the apex of the Internet’s coronavirus panic, you probably stumbled upon tweets or posts like these: These posts pull on our heartstrings with pictures and videos of macaques raiding villages in search of food, mountain lions wandering empty neighbourhood streets, or elephants happily nappingContinue reading ““Humans are the virus”: Pandemic Eco-Fascism”

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