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The calendar below is a one-stop-shop for all events in the Faculty of Environment! Here, Environment student groups, program associations, and departments will post their upcoming events.

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Minimizing Consumption, Moving Past the Linear Economy

By: Meadow Funkenhauser Everyone wants to be on trend, to match their peers and to not be judged for their clothing choices. But how far does this need for acceptance go? Does it override your compassion for garment workers or your consideration for sustainability?  According to 2019 data from Trade Data Online, Canada exports $173,250,000Continue reading “Minimizing Consumption, Moving Past the Linear Economy”

Spring Around Campus

By: Bethany Helaine Pöltl  Spring on campus is a time to enjoy the sun, see baby geese, take walks and study outside! Having been on campus in the fall and winter it is amazing to see the transformations that happens in the spring. Beautiful flowers, trees, squirrels, groundhogs and seriously so many baby geese! PleaseContinue reading “Spring Around Campus”

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