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Spring 2021

A Summer Walk by the Lake

By: Bethany Helaine Pöltl There are an infinite number of beautiful places to see in the world and a finite amount of time to explore them. I think the best way to begin adventuring and enjoying the beauty of our Earth is by starting in your own backyard or with a ten minute walk to…

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Ontario Does Not See Public Transit as a Critical Infrastructure

By: Sandra Biskupovic  The recent announcement from Greyhound Canada to permanently shutdown all bus routes across the country comes as a big shock for those who willingly, and unwillingly, opt for public transit options when moving between regions in the country. As a university student in Ontario without a car and with a partner and…

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Preserving Informal Greenspaces As An Urban Greening Strategy

By: Nicole Pham-Quan The discourse around urban greenspaces and its delivered benefits are often centered around municipal parks and gardens, which are constituted as formal greenspaces. However, the preservation of informal greenspaces (IGS) must be included in urban greening strategies for their ecological, social, and equity-enhancing sustainability gains. Sikorska et al. define IGS as unmanaged…

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