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Meet The Team Behind The Radicle


Meadow is a third year Environment and Business student and is the Editor in Chief of the Radicle. She is passionate about animal rights, social justice and fighting climate change. The main messages of her writing are how to mitigate the climate crisis and how she implements sustainability in her own life.


Michelle Angkasa is a third year Environment and Business student, and was one of the founding members of the Radicle. She is passionate about climate justice and advocacy, especially in terms of community and youth engagement. They bring their experience in student organizing, politics, government, and non-profits to their writing.


Karen is in her 4A term of Environment and Business. She is eager to turn over a new leaf and plant the seeds for the growth of more journalism in the Faculty of Environment. As a multimedia artist, Karen hopes to use political cartoons and creative pieces to share a new perspective. Speaking with the humans of Waterloo, she aims to engage students in environmental issues in an imaginative way.


Virginia is a 3B Environment and Business student. She is excited to be a part of the Radicle because it is a unique, versatile platform that provides a voice for all students. She believes that the Radicle will help students express themselves, share their knowledge, and connect with other peers. She is passionate about sustainability, writing and e-sports.


Bethany is in her 3A term of Environment and Business, minoring in International Development. Bethany is a passionate writer, reader and photographer. She joined the Radicle in her first year, to share her writing on sustainability and environmental topics. She also shares her love of nature through her nature photography journals. As an advocate for sustainable thinking and community collaboration Bethany is passionate about starting conversations and taking action to make sustainable change together. She hopes the Radicle will inspire others to get involved – in sustainability, in caring for the environment and in sharing your voice with the Radicle through writing and photography of their own! If you are interested in being a part of our team please reach out!

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