Meet The Team Behind The Radicle


Andrew is a MSc. Geography and Environmental Management student studying restored peatlands. He got the ball rolling on The Radicle after writing for Imprint and other publications in the community. He felt they didn’t cover the topics that interested him as an Environment student, and were too limited to strictly news. He wanted a place for Environment students to express themselves in more creative ways and to foster a greater sense of belonging and community in the Faculty.


Michelle is an Environment and Business student in her 2B term. To her, The Radicle exists to highlight the amazing accomplishments of the Waterloo Environment Faculty and how it translates to the broader school community and beyond. In her work she aims to bring the stories of its people to light with entertaining and educative content.


Karen is in her 2B term in Environment and Business. As The Radicle is a multimedia newsletter and blog, she is eager to turn over a new leaf and plant the seeds for the growth of more journalism in the Faculty of Environment. It is her hope to make environmental issues easier to understand by sharing a different perspective through her cartooning and creative pieces.


Virginia is a second year Environment and Business student. She is excited to be a part of the Radicle because it is a unique, versatile platform that provides a voice for all students. She believes that the Radicle will help students express themselves, share their knowledge, and connect with other peers. Creative writing is one of Virginia’s passions, and so, the Radicle will help her ideas flourish.


Kylie-Anne is a Master of Climate Change student interested in science communications and community planning. With a background in English and Cultural Studies, she aims to approach the climate crisis through an intersectional lens. For Kylie-Anne, The Radicle is a space to re-define the way we imagine our relationship to the environment and each other.


Ashoke is an ERS 3B undergraduate student with a minor in Philosophy. He helped get the ball rolling on The Radicle because he believes in order to make environmental activism effective, not only does it have to be accurate but it needs to be engaging. His goal is to make environmentalism more mainstream by fostering a space where different mediums of environmentalism can be combined to create a community capable of inciting change. 


Lowine is a PhD student, working on socio-ecological sustainability issues in small islands. She took part in the Radicle, not as a first step toward world domination but to give students a voice beyond the “publish or perish” narrative. She’s particularly interested in photography and hope that other students will use this platform to set their creative mind free.  

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