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April 2021

Short Film Feature: Eco-Anxiety

By Nicole Pham-Quan As an environment student, I am all too familiar with the feeling of eco-anxiety. Although the term is relatively new in student and activist discourse, academic scholars have defined eco-anxiety as the experience of chronic concern and stress about climate change and environmental destruction. Climate change is a real and pressing source…

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It’s BEE Time

By Bethany Helaine Pöltl  The sun is shining, the air is warming, and the orchards are coming to life. Spring is back in Ontario! A sure signal is the abundance of beautiful blossoms and their fragrances in the air.  Our orchards are beginning to burst with colours from soft whites to deep pinks. The whites…

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Sustainability as a Luxury: Drunk in Space podcast

By Eurus Pan Episode 3 – Sustainability as a Luxury: From Systemic Racism to Capitalism In this episode of Drunk in Space, we discuss the lack of affordability for sustainable products due to the gentrification of sustainability. In particular, how rising prices of sustainable products cut down on affordable options for middle- and low-income individuals.…

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The Coyote

By Rodrigo Curty I heard it howling in the middle of the night Lonely but powerful Eerie but beautiful We have a lot in common after all We’re both afraid of each other Skinny and small Yet brave and strong We’re both alone tonight Staring at the moon for answers Listening to the wind for…

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The Power of Plants

By Meadow Funkenhauser Though Covid-19 case counts increase by the day and the vaccination process is rolling out in a much slower fashion than we may like, there is one way to reduce our  pandemic-induced anxieties that may be more simple than we think.  Urban gardener, vegan chef, and healthcare worker Shashi Dissanayake has always…

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