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March 2020

The 3P’s: Period Positivity and Poverty

By: Ava Henderson & Virginia Li On March 12, 2020, the University hosted its fifth annual ENVigorate research symposium, which spanned across the University’s Faculty of Environment buildings. Among the many creative and educational workshops, “Let’s Talk About It, Period” was a Sustainable Living workshop hosted by International Development student Sriranjini Raman. This workshop highlightedContinue reading “The 3P’s: Period Positivity and Poverty”


In Your Palm: An Interview with Carter Kirilenko

By: Michelle Angkasa I met Carter at the annual INDEV conference, an event organized and run by students in the International Development program. While leading a workshop on how to use storytelling as a tool for educating people about sustainability, I was struck by his evident passion and dedication to his work. As a fellowContinue reading “In Your Palm: An Interview with Carter Kirilenko”

A Letter to My Past Self

By: Michelle Angkasa  Dear Past Self,  You’re driving home from the University of Waterloo, after a long morning of touring the campus and residences. After a few frantic months of applying to different programs, and then obsessively refreshing your email to check if your acceptances have come in, you’re finally here. As you wandered aroundContinue reading “A Letter to My Past Self”

Nature’s Agenda: Biocentrism on the Silver Screen

By: Michelle Angkasa There are poignant scenes in Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Okja, and Jurassic Park where the human characters physically confront the consequences of their destruction of nature. Whether it is the residents of the Valley of the Wind desperately trying to save their burning forest, the parade attendees watching theContinue reading “Nature’s Agenda: Biocentrism on the Silver Screen”

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