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Welcome back, Waterloo!

Fall Friends Around Campus

By:  Bethany Helaine Pöltl

When I walked around campus for the first time this semester, I was in awe at the number of people walking beside me, walking around me, walking past me. Students and staff alike rushing off to lectures and tutorials, or strolling quietly thinking about their daily plans. The vibrance and life that is brought by a crowd of people has returned to campus. A stark contrast to last fall, when walking around it felt like you could be the only one in the world. 

While that may sound dramatic, I feel it is true! However, the silence last year and the absence of students allowed the stage to be taken by a different cohort. One that scurries rather than walks, and flies instead of strolling. We all are very familiar with our friends, the geese, as they can always be heard no matter the number of students, but who else is roaming around? As we, the humans, return to campus, we must remember to make time to connect with each other and connect back with the beautiful abundance of nature around us! Now let’s check in and see what our other animal (and plant!) friends are up to. 

Busy Squirrel Takes a Moment to Pose  (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl) 

Pollinator at Work (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl) 

Considering a Swim (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl) 

Strider (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl) 

Classic Mr. Goose (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl) 

Sign of the Season (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl) 

Beautiful Blooms (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl) 

Featured image: Among the Trees; Dana Porter Library (Photo Credit: Bethany H. Pöltl)


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