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Community Building and Small Towns: Social Infrastructure in Dunnville, Ontario

By Bailey Berdan Gardien If you drive down towards the coast of Lake Erie, you will eventually come upon the small town of Dunnville Ontario. At first glance there is nothing notable about Dunnville. The area mostly relies on tourism and agriculture sectors for their economy, but if you venture into the town’s center youContinue reading “Community Building and Small Towns: Social Infrastructure in Dunnville, Ontario”

Short Film Feature: Eco-Anxiety

By Nicole Pham-Quan As an environment student, I am all too familiar with the feeling of eco-anxiety. Although the term is relatively new in student and activist discourse, academic scholars have defined eco-anxiety as the experience of chronic concern and stress about climate change and environmental destruction. Climate change is a real and pressing sourceContinue reading “Short Film Feature: Eco-Anxiety”