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September Reflections

By: Bethany Helaine Pöltl

September. September is a month, and a feeling and a concept. It’s the rush of work and reunion with friends. It’s the quiet of a perfect cup of tea on a dim morning as you look out the window and think about the day. September is a collection of thirty days. Thirty twenty-four hour chances to learn, grow, make memories, self-reflect, connect, go on adventures near and far. As I walked around in September (for mental health and to enjoy the crisp air) I saw new perspectives, discovered new colors, and heard other birds alongside the geese. Join me in reflecting on September and looking forward to October!

Before the Rain,  Photo by: Bethany H. Pöltl
A Squirrel’s Perspective,  Photo by: Bethany H. Pöltl
 Eternal Autumn, Photo by: Bethany H. Pöltl
Dusk,  Photo by: Bethany H. Pöltl

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