Minimizing Consumption, Moving Past the Linear Economy

By: Meadow Funkenhauser Everyone wants to be on trend, to match their peers and to not be judged for their clothing choices. But how far does this need for acceptance go? Does it override your compassion for garment workers or your consideration for sustainability?  According to 2019 data from Trade Data Online, Canada exports $173,250,000Continue reading “Minimizing Consumption, Moving Past the Linear Economy”

Introducing Dean Bruce Frayne

Interview by: Bethany Helaine Pöltl As we say farewell and thank you to Dean Jean Andrey for her 33 years as a professor and 8 years as Dean of the Environment Faculty we welcome our newly appointed Dean of Environment, Bruce Frayne. I had the privilege of having a great conversation with him. I amContinue reading “Introducing Dean Bruce Frayne”

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