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The Gift of Sustainability

By: Bethany Helaine Pöltl Gift giving is practiced year round – birthdays, special occasions, graduations, in celebration, and even just because. With the upcoming holiday season there is an increase in gift giving and the pressure is on to find the perfect present for everyone on your list!  This holiday season consider how you canContinue reading “The Gift of Sustainability”


Tuning In To BirdTV: Being a friend to birds and squirrels 

By: Bethany Helaine Pöltl  Every morning in the winter at my house, we replenish the bird seed outside and leave the porch curtains open slightly, setting up what my mom and I call “BirdTV” for our cat, BB. She sits behind the window all morning as birds come and go, stopping in for a snackContinue reading “Tuning In To BirdTV: Being a friend to birds and squirrels “